Project Summary

This Nuffield funded project seeks proof-of-concept of new and sustainable models of partnerships that support professional learning in secondary school mathematics with the involvement of Higher Education. The focus is on improving students’ problem-solving capabilities in mathematics. The project will build on the outcomes of a Bowland Maths funded pilot that explored the use of Japanese lesson study principles to consider the teaching of mathematical problem solving.


The project will address the following questions:
  1. How can models of professional learning for secondary school teachers, based on lesson study, be developed and sustained within current and changing systems and structures of school governance and funding mechanisms?
  2. What supporting tools would help collaborative partnerships to implement lesson study for mathematical problem solving in effective ways that are both sustainable and scalable?


The project will build and develop, through formative, iterative cycles of design and improvement:

  • new lesson study partnerships that exemplify a range of different effective models of operation;
  • a core network of expertise ready to support emerging new partnerships;
  • a toolkit of resources that will support: (i) the key players in initiating, organising and sustaining professional learning communities (ii) participants in lesson study.

The project will draw on the support of NCETM and its work will be guided by an advisory group.
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Further details can be obtained from the project administrator: