Project Background

The project builds on the work of a pilot project that took place during the academic year 2012-13, with funding from the Bowland Charitable Trust . This investigated the potential of Japanese lesson study to support the professional learning of mathematics teachers and was carried out in collaboration with the IMPULS group at Tokyo Gakugei University . The project involved two clusters of schools: one of four schools in the Midlands and another of five schools in London, working in collaboration with two HEIs (University of Nottingham and King’s College, London). Over the course of the project, about 30 research lessons based on Bowland mathematics materials were taught, observed and discussed altogether.

The main outcomes of this project were:
  1. knowledge about initiating and facilitating lesson study as a process;
  2. increased expertise in problem solving and mathematics teaching more widely.

Further, the potential of high quality lesson study practices to provide effective professional development for mathematics teachers in an increasingly important and demanding mathematical activity was recognised by the teachers and researchers, and there was a desire to continue and expand on what had been learnt and done.
The work and outcomes of this pilot will provide substantial support to the early work of the project.