Project Participants

Year 1: 2014
What can project partnerships expect to do and what support will they have from the project?
Each lesson study partnership is taken to involve a number of schools working in partnership with expertise from a local Higher Education Institution.

Lesson Study cluster.png

Each partnership: will plan, implement and evaluate a research lesson (i.e., follow the lesson study cycle) once each term.
All schools in the partnership will take part in this process as far as possible. Additional research lessons may be held if desired, but the project model, following that in Japan, recognises the effort that a thoroughly planned research lesson requires. The focus here is on quality rather than quantity.

Each term there will be a project workshop/conference. In the Spring and Autumn terms these will be open to one teacher from partnership schools as well as Higher Education participants. Assistance towards travel and refreshments will be provided but schools will be expected to cover staff attendance. The project’s view is that the workshops will provide a highly cost-effective professional development support network.
Project partnerships should expect to be involved in the developmental research aspects of the project that will investigate how, and what makes, their partnership work. The project will research diverse case studies of practice; four different partnerships in each of the two years will be investigated. Therefore, several partnerships will be asked to be the focus of several researcher visits and some teachers, school managers and Higher Education participants can expect to be interviewed over the course of the year. Access will be negotiated with project partnerships on an individual basis. Findings of good practice from this strand of work will be disseminated to project partnerships during the lifetime of the project and will form the basis of input to project workshops/seminars.
Project partnerships will also contribute to, and benefit from, the development of tools that will support lesson study partnerships in the process of lesson study and developing mathematical problem solving lessons.
At all stages of the project’s research, the needs of teachers, students and others will be considered and handled with the usual sensitivities expected in a research and development project of this type.