Organising the research lesson

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Planning the date and place

To increase the chances of teachers from other schools attending the research lesson, announce the date at least a month in advance. You need to find a date that will fit in with your school and which the outside expert you are working with can make. It often works best to choose a day when the class that will be taught has a lesson in the morning. This enables all the participants to arrive, have a short pre-lesson briefing, see the lesson and stay for a post-lesson discussion without having to rush away too soon. You may be able to provide lunch or suggest that people bring a snack lunch.

Selecting a suitable room

We have found that a large classroom with observers standing around the edge (or spread around the room sitting beside students if there is space) works best.

Preparing the class

Students should be made aware of the purpose of the research lesson, and especially the role of observers. If you want to video record the lesson, or take photographs, you will need to ensure you have parental consent and conform appropriately to the Data Protection Act. It is useful to inform lesson-study participants in advance of what will be allowed so that there is no misunderstanding on the day.

Preparing participants

Inform out-of-school observers in advance if the school has special requirements (e.g. photo-ID, CRB checks). Send out the final lesson plan as far in advance of the research lesson as possible. Each observer should become completely familiar with the lesson plan and do the lesson task for themselves beforehand.